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Welcome! If you’re looking for help avoiding bad tenants, screening tenants, understanding Kentucky eviction laws, and other topics for Kentucky landlords and property managers, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a work in progress, so feel free to submit your own ideas and articles for consideration. Eventually we’ll be adding a free reporting area where you can report your experiences with tenants, and see the reports of others. In the meantime, this service exists at www.jessaminelandlords.com, where this project started, so feel free to use it there. Our most popular articles are on how to evict, how to fill out a forcible detainer form and do you need a lawyer to evict but we have many posts on topics that may help you avoid getting to the point of eviction, such as several on how to screen a tenant so don’t just wait until you get to the point of eviction to explore the useful material here!

I’ve been leasing property in Kentucky for more than 20 years and have pretty much seen it all (though there is still always something here or there that’s a surprise). For small landlords who manage their own property, this can be a soul-crushing endeavor, at times. If tenants were just careless here and there that would be one thing; however tenant hysteria (the only phrase I know to accurately describe it) rivals the emotion of a heated divorce and it’s directed at you! A trend I’ve noticed lately is that tenants who openly refuse to pay rent are hiring attorneys to fight their inevitable eviction. That takes a special kind of negative emotion – to take money they know without a doubt they owe you but not only spend it to keep it out of your hands but spend it on someone who will just give you a hard time about taking possession of your own property.

There are things you can do to lessen the damage done by tenants, creative screening, lease clauses, legal maneuvers such as attachments for rent and the like. It doesn’t make all these problems go away (don’t let me mislead you there), but it can cut it way down. In the posts here I describe the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years (and a few failures you can learn from). Managing your properties is a business like any other; it’s not invest and just watch the money come in. In fact, in many ways its a business which is more demanding on your policies, procedures and legal forms than many others and you need to make sure you’ve got all those things in good order.

Bad tenants outnumber us; many laws lean heavily in their favor (though Kentucky isn’t as bad as many states are) because politicians can count. We have to be prepared or they will mow us over. However, the better all landlords and property managers in Kentucky become, the better it is for all of us. It gets harder for the bad tenants to get away with things, and operating your properties in a professional manner not only gets rid of more of the bad tenants but will attract more of the good ones (yes, they do exist!). If you have a tip or trick to share, please do!