Are There Really Free Lease Agreement Forms on the Internet?

The internet is a little like the wild West; in terms of information, there’s little policing what is written out there, the misdirects and outright scams. Every landlord who needs a written lease (that would be 100% of them) has to wonder if there’s a free form they can use. We’ve built our lease over the years and are pretty satisfied with it, but I wondered if the interwebs just might have some good free leases to start with or learn from.

In general, I’ve seen a couple of things in browsing around; first, you get what you pay for. There are some free lease forms, but many of them are horribly short of sufficient. Second, a lot of sites advertise free lease agreement forms as a come-on to sell you something.

Rather than give you all the gory details here, I will say that there is a site which attempts to wade through all the nonsense and find some decent free forms. Check out

No one has done more research reviewing free rental agreements than this site and it can point you in the right direction. Just keep in mind that if you have particular needs in your agreements, no online form can ever beat a good attorney who is familiar with what you need.

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